Process to get a 35% Israeli Tax Credit for 46a Donations

  1. Complete Israeli Tax Form # 116. You do not need to fully complete section ד. On the back side of the form, check the box related to donations (4) and sign. You can download from:
  2. Enclose original receipts (recommend that you make a simply list of all your charitable deductions to give ITA and for your records in case ITA loses your envelope).
  3. Enclose a copy of your latest tlush (payroll stub).
  4. Either mail (registered) to Mas Hachnasah, Nicuiim, 11 Rozansky Street, Rehovot or drop off in ITA office on the ground floor behind the information desk. (they do not process while you wait).
  5. If you file an Israeli tax return, you will need to attach a copy of the Zicui to your tax return. So if you do not get the Zicui in time to give to your payroll department at work, you can still get the tax credit.