Leadership Council Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2010

1.Follow-up on Dialogue suggestions:
- We agreed to start posting LC meeting minutes on the DCM website once the redesigned website is launched.  Rivka will coordinate with Zohara, our web master, about creating a section on the new site for the minutes.  When we announce the redesigned website launch in the email announcements, we will note the LC meeting minutes section as a feature on the new site.
- We will schedule an "open" LC meeting for late summer where we invite community members who are interested in seeing how the LC functions and/or getting involved in DC Minyan leadership.  Julia will set a reminder for June for us to pick a date for that meeting.
- We will aim to have one non-SC LC member (or DC Minyan leader who is not on the LC) give 1 announcement in the weekly in-shul announcements.  We hope that doing so will increase visibility of and awareness about LC and other leadership roles.  The SC will coordinate with the LC member or other DCM leader before Shabbat so as to make sure that person will be at services and is prepared to give the announcement.
- LC members will make an effort to put together committees similar to the Gabbai Committee.  We agreed that creating committees works best when individuals are tasked with specific roles and the committee has articulated goals.  After Pesach, LC members will engage in a "goal setting" process that will help them identify roles for volunteers and how many people they'd like to see get involved in their area.
- When we advertise for LC positions going forward, we will emphasize that the positions involve not only the area-specific responsibilities (social action, hospitality etc), but also serving in a policy/decision-making capacity.  Stephanie will draft a blurb to be included as part of postings for all LC positions going forward.

2. Elie Kaunfer's book:
- Beth encouraged us all to read this book because it relates to our role as DCM leaders.  Here is a link to book orders: http://www.amazon.com/Empowered-Judaism-Independent-Minyanim-Communities/dp/1580234127.

3. Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of DC:
- Ron recently attended the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee meeting. DCM joined this group a few months ago.

4. Kashrut Taskforce:
- The Taskforce does not have a goal of changing the policy, but it's possible that the policy might change as a result of the Taskforce's work.
- There will be various roles for different people with different skill sets on the task force.  We don't want to cap the number of Taskforce members, and we think the email will help self select people. 
-The SC will send the final draft of the email out tonight in case anyone has additional feedback.

5. Independent minyan conference:
- Look out for emails about that in the next few weeks.

6. The next LC meeting will take place at Avi's house on Tuesday, March 16th.